SUSHI B - Villars

Why not enjoy Japanese cuisine in the centre of Villars-sur-Ollon?

This was the question that the director of a renowned Japanese company asked himself.


Many people discover our Swiss mountains thanks to our international schools which welcome students from all over the world. This is how it all began...


This businessman whose daughter was a student in Villars fell in love with the resort.


In the spirit of sharing his culture, the traditions of his country and Japanese cuisine, this "San" from the land of the rising sun created "SUSHI B VILLARS".


And it was at the Hotel Ecureuil that it all began.

The owner built the root of the atypical adventure of Japanese cuisine restaurants in Villars in order to develop them all over the world. 


Sushi B VILLARS has been the beginning of a long story since to this day Sushi B is present :


Villars-sur-Ollon (CH)

Milan (IT)

Paris (FR) which wins for the 4th consecutive year a star in the Michelin Guide. 

Tokyo (JP)


You will also find other types of establishments throughout the world, including :


PASTA B Jinghua (JP, VN, IT, SG)




This cuisine offers a wide variety of very refined dishes that will satisfy both Asian and European palates.


Sushi B VILLARS " offers you a simple Nippon trip in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for your dinner or lunch... without leaving Switzerland!